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(Re)defining Nutrition

Whether you are new to exploring nutrition and experimenting with diets or have been steeped in the contradictory advice given by practitioners in the field. Every single person relates to food and nutrition on a daily basis. While some view food merely as a… Continue Reading “(Re)defining Nutrition”

Top 3 Foods for Immune System modulation

Bovine Colostrum Colostrum is often referred as “immune milk” because unlike most mammals cattle pass 100% of their immune system through colostrum. Most mammals including humans pass a substantial amount of the immune system through the umbilical cord. Making nursing not entirely crucial to… Continue Reading “Top 3 Foods for Immune System modulation”

Elementary School: Fire with Food

Welcome to your first class of Elementary School. You will not be learning fundamentals in reading or writing, but you will learn how the natural element of fire should be paired with food. The first question is how often are you thinking about the… Continue Reading “Elementary School: Fire with Food”


Every person is made from a complex biological system that was passed down to you through your family line.

Nutritional genomics and Hormetic stress: How eating robust genetics creates a better you

Hormetic stress can be defined as adaptive reorganizing of epigenetics, that has the potential to make you more fit for your circumstances or environment. Imagine that you were sentenced to solitary confinement for 10 years. Who would you be when you got out? The… Continue Reading “Nutritional genomics and Hormetic stress: How eating robust genetics creates a better you”

The (B-17) amygdalin myth

Vitamin b17 or what is known as amygdalin has long been touted for its use as a cancer treatment, anti inflammatory, programmed cell death (apoptosis), and anti-fibrosis treatment. It was and still is used widely throughout the world. Still used throughout Europe and Asia… Continue Reading “The (B-17) amygdalin myth”

The Silent passenger

What if the national highway safety administration (NHTSA) told you that you had to turn in your drivers license because there are just to many variables that lead to bad outcomes when you operate a vehicle? Would you trust them? Or would you trust… Continue Reading “The Silent passenger”

Bearclover Tincture

              Working with an unknown plant has it’s advantages and disadvantages. For one there is zero competition, but it also means that you personally must do all the research and testing to ensure safety and efficacy. Which is exactly what I have done. I… Continue Reading “Bearclover Tincture”

Food the orginal social network

Whether we are in South East Asia sitting around a table outside, or in Siberia, huddled in a cabin around a fire, there is a good chance groups of people will be sitting around a meal. Food is at the heart of what drives… Continue Reading “Food the orginal social network”

how to forage The Spice of life

Are you wanting to add a little wild spice in your life? Then check out how to forage the sought after culinary spice of the pink peppercorn. Schinus Molle is commonly known as the pink peppercorn, it’s been the chefs highly priced spice in… Continue Reading “how to forage The Spice of life”