The (B-17) amygdalin myth

Vitamin b17 or what is known as amygdalin has long been touted for its use as a cancer treatment, anti inflammatory, programmed cell death (apoptosis), and anti-fibrosis treatment. It was and still is used widely throughout the world. Still used throughout Europe and Asia for cancer treatments, it was banned by the FDA in the US in the 1970’s because of its ability to cause cyanide poisoning however then a synthesized version patent name laetrile was then created and used for cancer treatment.

Found in high quantities of stone fruits such as apricots, loquats, plums, choke cherries, almonds and a whole lot more, amygdalin is now being looked at in laboratory settings again in the US. Below is a systematic review of 110 scientific papers that show the effectiveness of vitamin B-17 on many different physiological and phytochemical process’s in the body.

Once again proving that the science is never settled and that we always should be looking to nature for the answers we want.

vitamin b17 amygdalin.pdf

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