Bearclover Tincture



Bearclover or Mountain Misery as it is commonly known by, is a evergreen plant in the rose family that only grows in the Sierra-Nevada mountain range. The Native Miwok tribe used this medicinal plant to treat inflammation such as arthritis and viral infections such as colds. This is the first product like this to be on the market, using my nutrition and food science background I have created a tincture out of this amazing plant. Partnering with UC Davis lab, this has been tested for its medicinal properties to ensure not only a safe but superior product. With anti-oxidants similar to what is found in green tea and anti-inflammatory compounds such as quercetin, this truly is a one of a kind product. Ginger and lemon are used to further enhance the medicinal value and with a hint of organic maple syrup the taste is sure to please. This product is wild crafted, and all organic.

Lab tests are available upon request.