The Silent passenger

What if the national highway safety administration (NHTSA) told you that you had to turn in your drivers license because there are just to many variables that lead to bad outcomes when you operate a vehicle? Would you trust them? Or would you trust in your own capabilities as a person who can operate a car? Yes there are always dangers when driving but why do you trust your own judgement? Is it the hours you’ve spent behind the wheel? Is it your natural ability and coordination? Now what if the FDA said you could no longer take responsibility for your own health? That there were too many variables that would lead to bad outcomes would you trust them?

Passing down the best genetics you can pass down, its about setting the next generation up for a world of unknowns, fast paced life, and rapid changing environments. To do all of that we must look back to where we came from, all of us living in the developed world have entered artificial environments and little by little are losing a sense of what it means to be in the actual world. We start to become foreigners in our own world, and then silent passengers within our own bodies. We outsource our own health, to others that are also disconnected from themselves and their environment. Hoping that others have the answers for us, or the simple fix, the pill, that is going to fix all of it. Time and time again we are disappointed and let down by others that in our minds should have all the answers. Or worse yet we blame our health problems on our own body, as if again we are a silent passenger that is unable to take control. The body and nervous system only respond to internal and external stimuli, that is it, nothing else. Change the stimuli, the response will change. There are two main principles that we will cover regarding epigenetics which is food, and environment. When talking about epigenetics, food and nutrition are the single biggest factors that change our epigenome. Changing the epigenome needs to be learned, it’s an essential skill, not only for yourself in your lifetime, but for your future generations that come after you. You do this by incorporating ancestral practices and wisdom around food, nutrition, and environment, back into your life and back into your family line.

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