Top 3 Foods for Immune System modulation

  1. Bovine Colostrum

Colostrum is often referred as “immune milk” because unlike most mammals cattle pass 100% of their immune system through colostrum. Most mammals including humans pass a substantial amount of the immune system through the umbilical cord. Making nursing not entirely crucial to survivability, although still very important for added benefits in establishing the innate immune system. If the calf doesn’t nurse in the first 24 hours its born it will die because it’s immune system will not get built. The primary use for colostrum is to supplement calf’s that have trouble nursing.

Colostrum in human nutrition is also used as a immune system builder and modulator. Luckily cows produce an excess amount of colostrum that the calf needs to establish it’s own immunity. This extra is then gathered and sold to producers that use it for the supplement industry. With compounds such as IGF-1 and Immunoglobulins, colostrum is fantastic at inferring natural defenses for your body to fight off infections.

       2. Chaga Mushroom 

Chaga Mushroom has been used for centuries in China and Russia. It’s ability to regulate your immune system comes from phytochemistry that helps boost macrophage production and turn over damage cells. Many active compounds contribute to Chagas ability to modulate the immune system. Such as IL-6 and controls production of TNF-α . Mice were able to regenerate damaged bone marrow from chemo induced drugs at the rate of nearly half the time as the control group. Chaga tea regulates the cytokine response and helps the body clear pathogenic inflammatory makers much faster than normal response times.The ability for chaga to regulate cells in the bone marrow and epithelium make it a potent supplement for individuals who are suffering with immunological pathology.

        3. Schisandra

Schisandra is native to Northeastern China and has been used for generations to modulate immunity. It is a berry that is considered to have all 5 tastes, bitter, sweet, salty, sour, and pungent. A very complex taste phenomenon goes on when this is consumed. Often the berries are made into a tea and drank quite regularly. It’s ability to modulate your immune system comes from IL-8 cytokine regulation and upregulation of mRNA through enhanced production of THP-1 cells. This is a powerful immunomodulator and is very beneficial to keeping cytokines regulated.A common theme appears when looking at dietary interventions when modulating the immune system. Often it comes down to the regulation of cytokines that induce pro-inflammatory states that if go unmanaged can slow the healing process in a pathogenic environment. Each of these foods listed are all foods that can be used daily without any harmful side effects or also what is known as tonic adaptogens. If your looking to stabilize your immunity then these can be great foods to have in your kitchen.

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