Turn On The Red Light

By now many of us are aware, that infrared light as been clinically shown to provide many health benefits. Such as, reduced inflammation, reduced muscle or joint stiffness, and even help fight clinical depression up to 70%, in a study by the mayo clinic. The question is how much red light spectrum are we really getting? How much time are we spending outside at sunrise or sunset?

One of the ways I achieve getting enough red light is by using a red light panel. Similar to a infrared sauna, a red light panel provides near and far infrared light at the proper spectrum (620 nm to 750 nm) for full healing benefits. It is a fantastic way to ensure that you can sync up your circadian rhythms and maintain proper hormone balance. On top of that the body is benefiting from a small hormetic effect, while releasing nitric oxide allowing for increased blood flow to tissue. Anyone can benefit from this type of therapeutic device, but especially those who really want to get the absolute best performance out of their bodies. It is great post workout for recovery and even can help metabolize fat. But the most important benefit from this device is the immune modulating response via, the microbiome. A study published by Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser Surgery states that red light at 630 nm alters the microbiome and increases the macrophage response. Meaning that the immune system is toned or strengthened by regular red light use.

Whether it’s getting outside for sunrise and sunset daily, or using a red light device for photobiomodulation once again the data points to the sun having immense healing properties that can not or at least should not be ignored.

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