Divorced From Nature

We’re in an age where technology is moving at a speed that I think is safe to say no one expected 50 years ago. With 5G towers going up all around us, twitter at the forefront of politics and social change, and VR quickly becoming an alternate reality of choice. It is becoming easier and easier to further divorce ourselves from the natural world. Convenience seems to be enabling this divorce from the actual reality the earth and elements provide. we’ve outsourced not only our labor but our actual physiological movement to machines and other people. we’ve transitioned from small scale agriculture to mono-crops to now artificial meat and 3D printed food. Where does it end ? How far can we take it? Is it really the best way to live according to our biology? It seems like the further we get from nature, wild food, and natural movement the sicker and unhealthier we become. The more technology has to advance just to keep us afloat and “healthy”. You don’t have to move into the woods with no electricity and subsistence live, but the more you can use technology to get back to reality to the real world away from huge urban environments the more connected and better off you will be. Its about blending and maintaining a balance, not cutting yourself off from the rest of society but doing your best to integrate natural and artifact

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