Show Notes Episode 53

Eating with Ego: The Evolution of Dietary Dogma

Ancient herbs of the Greek and Mid East that shaped food and culture

Rue- Herb of grace, rutin, is an anti-inflammatory agent quercetin-3-rutinoside as the active compound Used in Italy and Greece as a condiment much like we use rosemary or parsley today. Named in the bible as peganon

Asafoetida- In the carrot family often the roots are dried and ground into a powder. Has a high degree of sulfuric compounds but when cooked has a garlic or onion smell. Used throughout Asia, Turkey, India, Greece often used as a digestive aid to help breakdown starches from legumes in vegetarian cuisine.

Elecampane- In the Aster family similar to a sunflower. Used as a lung extractant, and to help with intestinal bacteria inulin is one of the main active compounds.

Mandrake- Night shade that was heavy in alkaloids and cause out of body experiences. (ecstasy).

Book of Leviticus Dietary laws and social segregation lead to develop moral superiority complex. gentile and Jew.   

Only cut out certain species did not cut out kingdoms of life.

Book of Acts Simon Peter roof top vision. All food/people were back on the table.

Letting go of dietary dogma when it no longer serves you or future generations.

Genetic and Epigenetic diseases common among all Jewish people



Cystic fibrosis

Epigenetic inheritance that dysregulates biology given a long enough time frame can lead to genetic disease.

Germ cell lines (sperm and egg) pass on genetic information. Epigenetic information can be passed along through metabolite patterning and an individual’s gut microbiome and mitochondria.  AKA genetic memory.

Scientific Papers: