Massage and Bodywork

Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

*All Classes Approved By NCBTMB

Gua Sha and Fascial Integration

This course outlines the theories and main objectives of the ancient technique of gua sha, as well as combining the relatively new concepts of fascial integration. The main purpose is to understand the superficial fascia lines and the fascial system as a whole.

Structural Integration and Range of Motion

This course, outlines the theories and main objectives of structural integration and range of motion techniques, as well as combining assessment concepts and principals. The main purpose is to understand how the structure of the body can affect the range of motion and overall movement of the body.

Massage and Bodyworking Treatments

Massage and Bodywork Sessions

I will work with you to address any area’s of the body that need to be balanced and healed. whether its a frozen shoulder or plantar fasciitis, I will work to treat any area of concern. We can incorporate both eastern and western modalities to seamlessly blend approaches that fit your specific needs

60 minute $120

90 Minute $180

*all services can include gua sha, fire cupping, structural and or fascial integration.