Episode 54 Show Notes

Show Notes Episode 54: Demystifying Diversity in  Nutrition

What is all of the confusion surrounding food and the study of nutrition?

What is meant when experts say eat a diverse diet?

What diversity actually means in context of ecology.

How it all interconnects to form a clear road ahead.

Over 400,000 distinct plant species of which 300,000 or so could be consumed

Top 4 species sold in the produce department

Brassica oleracea- cabbage, mustard, broccoli, kale

Solanaceae – tomato, potato, egg plant, bell pepper

Allium onion, garlic, shallot

Apiaceae carrot, parsley, anise, coriander, celery

These 4 species make up about 60% of all vegetables bought in the US.

There is nothing wrong with eating any of these, but this isn’t diversity. Chronic over consumption of these 4 species and their “antinutrients” can lead to metabolic and epigenetic dysregulation in your microbiome.

Limiting and increasing diversity of the microbiota and environmental changes

Nutrition first approach

Twins study host genome

Scientific Papers: