Elemental Nutrition

Offering Remote Nutrition Consultations

Do you want to reclaim your health and vitality? If you are struggling with metabolic issues like weight gain, diabetes, or you’re dealing with chronic hormonal unbalance, and auto-immune dysfunction. The hardest thing can be finding answers that directly fit your unique circumstances. I will work with you directly in everything from diet to lifestyle so that you can reclaim your own health.

Elemental Nutrition is my approach to nutrition. Based off the 6 kingdoms of life. Which include plant, animal, fungi, algae, bacteria, and protist. I will look at overall lifestyle and find ways to factor in all the kingdoms so that it takes the guesswork out of what kinds of foods you “should” be eating. This is a far cry from “raw food vegan” or “Carnivore” diet. This is a nuanced approach to your diet so that you can achieve your goals without being limited in the spectrum of foods you want to eat.

Initial Consult $150

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